Deaf Football Team’s Inspirational Season


If you haven’t received the news by now, California School for the Deaf’s Riverside Cubs came within one game of securing their division’s title. Emerging this year from seven seasons of consistent losses, the Riverside Cubs—an all-deaf team with deaf coaches—entered its last game with a 12-0 record of consistent wins. The Riverside Cubs had been averaging 65.6 points in each of their 12 winning games. The team fell short in securing a win in its last game, succumbing to the Canoga Park’s Faith Baptist high school football team. The Riverside Cubs should be proud: an outstanding season which captured the imagination of the nation. In the words of running back Enos Zornoza, “We can do anything. We’re not this stereotype that’s out there. We’re equal to hearing people on the playing field.” We await the Riverside Cubs return for the fall 2022 season.