In Memory of Shamim

In Client Story by LJC DK Admin

Six months ago, one of our deaf clients-Shamim-became very ill and passed away. He was humble and kind. Shamim had immigrated to the United States over twenty years ago. He lived in a shelter; and spoke limited American Sign Language (“ASL”). We were never able to arrange appointments for Shamim in advance, as he did not have a phone. Shamim worked, earning a few dollars to supplement the meals that he had received through the support of the Department of Homeless Services. Somehow, he managed, without mastering ASL and without the ability to hear or speak English.

When we last saw him at a hospital, on a rainy Sunday afternoon, just days before he died, Shamim smiled and, through ASL, thanked us for visiting him. He boarded a plane two days before his death to reunite with his family, who he had not seen for many years. Upon arrival, he embraced his parents and siblings; slept in his own bed in his childhood home for one evening, and then he was taken to the local hospital on the last day of his life. A relative shared with us that after his death, over one thousand villagers attended Shamim’s funeral.

At the law center, Shamim has taught us about inner strength.

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